Return to Work Plan

IFB Solutions will return to work under normal operations in three phases. IFB’s Coronavirus Response Team has carefully laid out plans in accordance with North Carolina’s guidance. The plan will likely change over time as we pay close attention to the spread of the coronavirus. Information will be sent to employees as changes occur. Management will work with IFB locations outside of N.C. to ensure a smooth transition into each phase.


Estimated Timeline

  • Friday, May 8th, 2020 — Phase 1 Begins
  • Friday, May 22nd, 2020 — Phase 2 Begins
  • Thursday, October 8th, 2020 — Phase 3 Begins


Meetings, Tours and Visitors

Man handing woman statuette award.PHASE 1 – Policies remain the same. Mask usage is required and Zoom meetings are encouraged. Health Alert Notice signs are posted at all entrances to IFB Solutions buildings and business locations asking those who are sick to stay outside of the building. Tours are being postponed. Anyone who is not an IFB employee is not allowed in the building including family and friends. You can be dropped off at the employee entrances. Packages are still being delivered.

PHASE 2 – Policies remain the same as phase one.

PHASE 3 – Face coverings, masks and social distancing are required.  Zoom meetings are encouraged. In Phase 3, CRITICAL, in-person meetings are allowed at IFB facilities. Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask. As you plan any critical, in-person meetings, think through how many people can be in a room while properly social distancing and plan accordingly. Effective April 1, 2021, health screenings at manufacturing facility entry points are no longer required.

IFB Solutions Adult Support Groups will meet virtually. General assemblies will resume, but with social distancing requirements in place. Company picnics will resume, and all CDC and state guidelines will be followed.

Meetings at IFB Solutions facilities with external individuals such as clients, customers and tours are allowed, however, you must seek approval from your Executive before allowing them in the building. The smaller the group, the better.

Effective July 1, 2021, masks are no longer required. If you are not vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask to protect our high risk health employees. Click HERE for our policy.


IFB Solutions Events 

ALL PHASES – Our fundraising events will look much different this year. As we explore virtual opportunities, reschedule some events and make other adjustments, we encourage you to visit to stay up to date. We’ll also post announcements and changes on social media. During our events, social distancing and other coronavirus prevention requirements will be enforced as necessary.


Community Low Vision Centers 

Review the most up to date guidance on their website here.

Twenty200 Eyewear Optical Shop

Review the most up to date guidance on their website here.


Base Supply Centers 

BSC Logo

We are happy to welcome back customers to our brick and mortar stores as almost all of our Base Supply Centers have reopened. Each store will follow the reopen schedule of their respective federal building or military base location. Most stores on military bases are open, but at limited capacity, meaning only a few people are allowed in a store at a time. Curbside pick-up is being offered at all free-standing BSC locations. Coronavirus prevention cleaning protocols are in place at all Base Supply Centers. Products can be purchased at



S.E.E. Programs

(After School, Camps and Activities) 

PHASE 1 – Remains the same.

PHASE 2 – Some summer camps will move to a virtual format, while others will be cancelled. Our Charlotte SEE kids will attend camp at the Lake Norman YMCA. For all other camp updates, click here.

PHASE 3 – As North Carolina schools reopen, our S.E.E. after school programs will move to a combination of virtual and in-person activities. Our virtual program in Asheville begins October 12, 2020. In Winston-Salem and Charlotte, in-person after school programs begin October 26, 2020.  We will continue to offer a virtual option to students unable to attend in person for any reason. Please click here for After School program updates. If you have questions, please email Chris Flynt,

As of July 2021, After school programs will be in-person in Winston-Salem and Charlotte. Our virtual after school program will start in September. Email Chris Flynt ( for more information or visit our S.E.E. Program webpage.



PHASE 1 – Teleworking continues.

PHASE 2 – The executive team works with managers to determine a rotating telework schedule within each department. Please practice social distancing and use Zoom frequently. An in-office schedule will be available for staff.

PHASE 3 – The Executive team works with managers to determine a rotating telework schedule within each department. Please practice social distancing and use Zoom frequently. Only CRITICAL in-person meetings are allowed. See Meetings, Tours and Visitors section above.

Effective July 6th, 2021, the Winston-Salem office will move to a voluntary return to work attendance plan. Please see your manager for details that pertain to your department.


Cyber Security

ALL PHASES – As hackers are taking advantage of coronavirus fear, we ask that employees refrain from clicking on any suspicious emails and report anything that looks suspicious to IT. Incoming emails from anyone who does not have an IFB Solutions email account will have a yellow and red banner at the top with a warning alerting you to make sure you only open emails from a trusted source. We’ve implemented 2-factor authentication for our teleworking staff. Several employees have received text messages saying there is a case of COVID-19 at IFB Solutions. This is a scam. We will not communicate a COVID-19 case via text.