COVID-19 Prevention

The IFB Solutions Coronavirus Response Team frequently consults with key staff in all areas of IFB business units, reviews CDC guidelines and receives guidance from IFB medical staff as policies, protocols and requirements are established. This team is responsible for communicating and enforcing the following best practices. Employees and guests are required to follow these protocols where applicable.


Face Cover Policy 

The face covering policy at IFB Solutions will be modified as needed in accordance with CDC guidelines, federal guidelines and COVID-19 data from our own safety and medical teams.


Winston-Salem Facilities

Effective August 20th, 2021, at 5:30 PM, and in accordance with Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines’ Declaration issued on August 16th, 2021, face coverings will be required at all Winston-Salem and Clemmons IFB Solutions facilities.

Masks will be provided if needed. This pertains to all employees and guests. You will not need to wear a mask if you are eating or in a private office alone.


Asheville Facilities:

Effective August 19th, 2021, and in accordance with a Local State of Emergency declared in Buncombe County, masks will be required at our Asheville facility. The mask mandate in the county pertains to many locations including businesses in county limits and was voted on by County Commissioners on August 18th, 2021.

Masks will be provided if needed. This pertains to all employees and guests. You will not need to wear a mask if you are eating or in a private office alone.


Little Rock Facilities:

While masks aren’t required at these locations, please consider high-risk staff and continue to wear a mask, specifically if you aren’t vaccinated. For vaccine information, CLICK HERE or talk to the IFB Solutions medical staff. We will be monitoring local guidance.



  • All Base Supply Center locations will need to abide by local policies within their building or military base.
  • If you work in our S.E.E. programs, Community Low Vision Centers or Twenty200 Eyewear on Coliseum Drive, please wear a mask when working closely with patients, customers, or S.E.E. Program children.
  • Effective August 20th, 2021 masks are required at all Winston-Salem businesses and must be worn at all times.



Surfaces, bathrooms, and machinery are sanitized throughout the day by janitorial staff. Employees have access to disinfecting wipes and other cleaning supplies to disinfect their workspace. Employees are encouraged to avoid sharing workspaces, however certain product lines require shared equipment to complete the product. If you use shared equipment, you are required to sanitize it with disinfecting wipes before use, which you can get from your supervisor. If supervisors are running low on cleaning supplies, contact Angela Jordan at

Air filters are changed frequently, and doors in certain areas of our buildings are open to allow air to circulate. Hand sanitizer is placed throughout all IFB facilities. Please use often.


Social Distancing

  • Cafeteria – Surfaces are sanitized before and after lunch times. Sneeze guards have been added to the food line where applicable.
  • Manufacturing – Equipment has been moved to a distance of at least 6 feet apart where possible. Some equipment has been rotated. Traffic flow has been adjusted in some of our buildings where appropriate.
  • Teleworking – Any IFB employee who can work from home is encouraged to do so. Teleconferencing is encouraged. An office schedule will be maintained by the executive team and executive assistants. Effective July 6th, 2021, the Winston-Salem office will move to a voluntary return to work attendance plan. Please see your manager for details that pertain to your department.


Medical Consultations

IFB Solutions has medical staff ready to treat and/or advise employees with any medical needs or questions. If you are feeling sick, and your primary care doctor can’t be reached, please contact the IFB medical professional in your location. Staff is prepared to conduct phone consultations.

See the Awareness and Resources section to review CDC prevention guidelines.