Community Outreach Programs

IFB Solutions Programs connect people who are blind or visually impaired to a variety of unique recreational activities, practical courses and groups for support. These help participants boost self-esteem, build confidence and develop valuable skills for work and life.

Funding for these programs comes from individual donations, industry support and grants. Your financial support truly makes a difference – learn how here.


3 sighted persons sit with blindfolds in Sensitivity to Blindness Training with canes rested against their shouldersSensitivity to Blindness Training

How do I interact with a co-worker who is blind? How does braille work? What’s the proper etiquette for interacting with a guide dog? All these questions are answered in our Sensitivity to Blindness Training, taught by individuals who are blind and available on the IFB Solutions campus or at your business. This is a truly impactful way to supplement diversity training and is open to anyone. Contact us if you’re looking for inspiration, education or team development.

To learn more or schedule a session, contact Chris Flynt at or 336-245-5620.




A student-friendly version of Sensitivity to Blindness Training for youth grades K-12. We take our training to schools to show what it’s like to walk with a cane, interact with a person who is blind and learn how to do schoolwork through the use of assistive technology. We even bring along a guide dog to say hello, all from individuals who are actually blind.

To learn more or schedule a session, contact Chris Flynt at or 336-245-5620.


Kids from summer camp sit on the steps of Tracy's Little Red SchoolhouseTracy’s Little Red Schoolhouse

Since 2012, Tracy’s Little Red Schoolhouse has served kids in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas with a variety of offerings for people who are blind or visually impaired, including:

  • Daily Living Lab, which teaches independent living skills such as safe travel (orientation and mobility), adaptive home management, self-care and health management
  • Student Enrichment Experience (S.E.E.) programs for students grades K-12 in areas such as kitchen skills, music, computer skills, fitness and more
  • A dedicated arts and crafts room, meeting rooms and playground

For more information on Tracy’s Little Red Schoolhouse contact Kim Shoffner at or call 336-245-5669.


TAD’s Room

The training and development courses offered through TAD’s Room help people who are blind or visually impaired improve their skills and qualify for higher-paying positions. The building’s ample meeting space for classes and clubs as well as equipment for computer training, making it an important community resource.

TAD’s Room was named in memory of Tad Garner, the son of IFB Solutions board member and longtime volunteer Kathyrn Garner.

This room is open to the public for meetings and events. To book, contact Chris Flynt at or call 336-245-5620.