S.E.E. Camp H2O

2021 camp for students in grades 8-12 who are blind or visually impaired

Where: YMCA Camp Hanes, King, North Carolina

When: Sunday, July 4, 2021 through Friday, July 9, 2021

What: An overnight camp for kids who are blind or visually impaired, and who are looking for a traditional camp experience. Camp Hanes offers a wealth of activities—from climbing and kayaking to archery and ropes courses—and we’ll do our best to keep things challenging, accessible, and fun. This will be a blended camp: S.E.E. Campers will have their own cabins, counselors, and schedule, but will also join in some activities with campers with typical vision.

Camp instructors include certified Teachers for the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialists, along with Camp Hanes’ summer staff and a few favorite counselors from our S.E.E. programs.

Who: Camp is open to rising 8-12th graders who are blind or visually impaired and are active and have age-appropriate independent living skills.

Cost: FREE. S.E.E. Camp H2O is supported by IFB Solutions and is FREE of charge for all students.  Space is limited to 20 campers for the 2021 camp.

Our camps are free to families, but not free to operate. To donate to IFB Solutions in support of S.E.E. camps, visit ifbsolutions.org/donate. Thank you!

Contact: For eligibility guidelines or more information, contact Jay Hardwig at 828-667-9778 x5802 or jhardwig@ifbsolutions.org.


Further Details…

What is it? S.E.E. Camp H2O is a traditional summer camp experience for youth who are blind and visually impaired. We will be based at YMCA Camp Hanes in King, North Carolina (about 30 minutes north of Winston-Salem). Learn more at camphanes.org.

What will we do? A little bit of everything. Camp Hanes offers a wide variety of activities, from climbing and kayaking to archery, zip lines, and lake time. We will build a schedule that is varied and accessible, with as much room for camper choice as possible.

Where will we stay? We’ll stay in the cabins at Camp Hanes. While we’ll be blended with traditional campers throughout the week, S.E.E. Campers will have their own cabins and counselors. We’ve lowered capacity to promote greater social distancing, and camp counselors will sleep in the cabins to provide 24-hour supervision.

What will we eat? All meals will be provided by Camp Hanes, and we will eat in their dining hall.

How do I get there? Camp Hanes is located at 1225 Camp Hanes Road, King, NC, 27021. Detailed directions available upon request.

What is the camper/staff ratio? S.E.E. Camp H2O will have twenty campers and nine counselors, including TVIs, Orientation & Mobility specialists, and Camp Hanes staff. Camp Hanes counselors will also provide support during our daily activities. The Camp Director is Jay Hardwig (MA, COMS, NBCT), a board-certified teacher for the visually impaired and O&M specialist with 20+ years of experience.

What about COVID? We will be following the COVID guidelines developed by Camp Hanes, in accordance with guidance from the state of North Carolina. You can see an overview on Camp Hanes website here.

Who are you guys again? The Student Enrichment Experience (S.E.E.) Program is supported by IFB Solutions. 2021 marks the 15th year of S.E.E. summer camps for the blind and visually impaired in Asheville and Winston-Salem, and the 5th year of S.E.E. Camp H20.


Eligibility Guidelines

Who can come? S.E.E. Camp H2O is open to rising 8-12th graders who are blind or visually impaired. A screening interview with our staff may help us determine whether you are the right fit for camp.

What else are you looking for in campers? The number one requirement is the right attitude:  prospective campers should be active, engaged, and open to new experiences. You do not need to have overnight camp experience, but you should be ready to get some…. Here are some other guidelines for eligibility:

  • Campers should be mostly independent. We can help with orientation, medication, or gnarly knots in your shoes, but campers should be able to handle most aspects of self-care independently.
  • Campers should be able to travel independently with minimal mobility limitations. This is an active camp, and we will be on our feet and in the water quite a bit.
  • Campers should possess verbal communication skills appropriate to their age.
  • Campers should not have behaviors that impede the learning of others. We are not able to accommodate campers who are aggressive, defiant, violent, or present a flight risk.
  • While we will provide 24-hour supervision and emergency care as needed, we are not able to provide 24-hour nursing care to campers with significant medical needs.

Please feel free to contact Jay Hardwig at (828) 667-9778 x5802 or jhardwig@ifbsolutions.org with any questions about eligibility.


Registration Procedure

How Do I Apply? The first step is to indicate your interest.  The best way to do this is to call or email Camp Director Jay Hardwig directly, at 828-667-9778 x5802 or jhardwig@ifbsolutions.org.  Jay will take your name and basic information, which will reserve your spot in camp during the eligibility screening.

Then What? The next step is the eligibility screening.  This will consist of up to three short phone interviews:  one with the prospective camper, one with a parent or guardian, and one with an educator (ideally a TVI or O&M instructor).  The purpose of these screening interviews is for everyone to get to know each other and ask questions, to ensure that we make a good match and that everyone knows what to expect.  Eligible campers will then be invited to officially register for camp online, using our CampDoc portal.

Registration opens on April 12, 2021 and closes on May 15, 2021, or sooner if the camp slots fill up.

For information about our other camps, including S.E.E. Camp H20 and summer day camps in Asheville and Winston-Salem, visit our camps page here or drop me a line:

Jay Hardwig

Program Manager, IFB Solutions

828-667-9778 x5802




Two campers in boating gear with big smiles

A group of campers holding hands and jumping into a lake

A SEE Camper and counselor sitting on a stand-up paddleboard