IFB Solutions makes purchasing with MIPR/MILSTRIP funds simple.

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IFB Solutions is an authorized vendor for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) AbilityOne™ Base Supply Centers (ABOBSC) Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP).

IFB Solutions TLS Hotline:
833-5BUYTLS (833-528-9857)

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Shannon Martin
, District Manager BSC Logistics Support
IFB Solutions, AbilityOne™ Base Supply Center,
Operator of bscsource.com

Need it? We can get it!

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DLA knows how to get it done.

Partnering with ABOBSC operators like IFB Solutions gives access to thousands of NSNs and quality SKILCRAFT® products previously unavailable through TLS contracts.

  • Specific brand and models can be ordered for both commercial and government products and services
  • Pricing is deemed fair and reasonable by DLA before you commit to spend
  • All orders are compliant with the Berry Amendment, Trade Agreements Act, and Buy American Act

First time? It all starts with your need.

  • We’ll help you get registered with DLA for the ABOBSC TLS program
  • We’ll help translate your needs into a specific order with part numbers
  • We’ll help you complete an order request form

Ordering process:

Step 1:

Customers submit order request to ABOBSCOrders@dla.mil for evaluation for scope by a DLA Contracting Officer. All orders must be unfunded upon initial submission to DLA Troop Support. DLA will not accept any method of funding up front.

Step 2:

If approved by DLA, orders are sent to vendors like IFB Solutions via email as a formal Request for Quote (RFQ). The date and time for receipt of quotes will be specified on each RFQ – we are committed to keeping you moving.

Step 3:

Once prices are determined fair and reasonable by DLA, a spreadsheet with prices proposed for award is sent back to you. You will then complete the Price Acknowledgment Spreadsheet and, at that time, submit (with funding) to ABOBSCPriceAcknowledgements@dla.mil. Commitment to spend comes only AFTER final price agreement.

Need help?

Call us at 833-528-9857 or email tls@ifbsolutions.org, we are happy to assist you throughout the ordering process.

You can also click HERE for helpful resources from DLA, including documents, forms and contact information.



Base Supply Center customers can order items currently sold at BSCs as well as related supplies within the following categories: Individual Equipment, Hardware and Tools, Office Products, Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies, Food Service Supplies, Workplace Safety and Special Orders. Off-the-shelf part numbered items within these categories include but are not limited to:

  • DLA Items
  • Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE)
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)
  • Tactical Gear
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Safety Equipment/Apparel
  • Pro-grade Tools
  • Environmentally Green Products
  • Unique Military Items
  • Office Furniture
  • OSHA Compliant Products
  • Computer Accessories
  • Printing Supplies
  • Shipping Supplies
  • Disposable Paper Products
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Paint/Accessories
  • Special Order Items