Written By: Brent Burkholder


Headshot photo of Brent smilingSometimes in today’s workforce, we cross paths with individuals who formulate negative perceptions towards others based on their own limited ideas. I am very familiar with this perception.

I was born Premature at 26 weeks, which resulted in vision loss that has ultimately created some obstacles in my life. Most of which I have overcome.

For people who are blind, employment opportunities aren’t readily available.  In my case, my vision loss took an opportunity away.

After graduating from Penn State University and then later obtaining my master’s degree from the University of Baltimore Maryland, I gained employment but later my vision lost would limit opportunities for job advancements. I didn’t want my career to end when my vision deteriorated.

I heard about a program that would later lead to a full-time job at IFB Solutions. I currently work at IFB as a Human Resources Project Specialist/Recruiter, and I help people who are blind overcome the challenges of finding a job. It brings me joy to play such a huge part in their work lives.

Whether it’s helping them to enhance their upward mobility, increase their confidence in workmanship, or just assisting with finding resources. If you know you are capable, never be afraid to put yourself out there. We are more than just a company at IFB Solutions… We are a family!

IFB Solutions is the largest employer of people who are blind in the United States. Our mission is to provide opportunities for employment, services, and training for people who are blind or visually impaired to succeed in every area of life. Our vision is thriving with a workforce dedicated to our mission. We cannot wait for you to be a part of IFB Solutions, America’s leader in providing life-changing opportunities to people who are blind or visually impaired. Work culture is our foundation. IFB provides many resources and benefits for its employees to cultivate growth and confidence. It is truly a business with a heart.  The cohesiveness and comradery demonstrated throughout the organization is remarkable and one of IFB Solutions’ greatest benefits.

Our Values


Values listed Ethical to the Core Commitment to Excellence -Business with a Heart -Mission Possible Creative Solutions

IFB Solutions is Different

The HR team has created a robust process with the goal of providing a smooth transition for employees. During the onboarding process, the certified Workforce Transition Coordinator works with candidates around relocation, establishing community resources, and transportation options when necessary. the dedicated training team extensively provides hands-on assessments and job-related preparation ensuring success.  All new employees are required to complete a new hire orientation with the benefits team. Safety training and a facility tour are provided on the first day of work.  Sensitivity to Blindness Training is given to all new employees with vision. In addition, on day one IFB offers mentors for workers who are blind to ensure comfort with the facility’s layout and its policies.

What Does the Hiring Process Look Like?

IFB Solutions has a proven process to start the path to earning competitive wages:

-Candidates will interview with several members of the recruitment team and the Certified Workforce Transition Coordinator.

-Upon successful completion of the interview process applicants are scheduled for an in-person interview and job assessment.

-After completion of the in-person interview/assessment, candidates will work with the Certified Workforce Transition Coordinator to begin the onboarding process.

To apply for one of our job opportunities you can find us on the various platforms; IndeedLinkedIn, State job Boards, job fairs, IFB Solutions social media pages, and our website.