IFB Beat – Week of July 18, 2022

News to Know

Bobby Ashworth living the mission!

After a 40-year career in the aviation industry, Bobby lost his vision. Unsure of where to turn next, he found a home at IFB Solutions. Bobby states, “I work alongside blind and sighted peers at IFB Solutions. I believe that my company and the AbilityOne Program remain a key way for creating jobs for people who are blind in the U.S. and each job created or sustained in the AbilityOne Program to manufacture goods should count just as much as the other 11.9 million manufacturing jobs in the United States.”

Watch and be inspired: https://youtu.be/4e-AyNEppd0


People Who Are Blind or Low Vision Can Now Receive 12 Accessible COVID-19 Tests

On June 22, 2022, the federal government announced a new initiative to expand the availability of testing options that are more accessible for people who are blind or low vision and who use a smartphone. For more information about the announcement, visit: https://acb.org/accessible-COVID-tests-announcement.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the number of tests people will receive with each order of the more-accessible tests has been increased from two to twelve. They will ship in six separate packages of two, each with its own tracking number.

People who placed orders before this change took effect will need to place a new order to receive the additional tests. Shipping information from orders is not being saved, in accordance with the privacy/security policies of the USPS website, so there is no way for additional tests to be shipped automatically.


Q&A with HR

You asked, IFB delivers! Many folks have had questions for HR and operations leadership about changes to and evolution of company policies and procedures. This special session on July 27th is designed to get you answers. From 12:00-1:00 in the Winston-Salem boardroom, HR is hosting a meeting with employees. Seating is limited; contact Shonn Redmond at sredmond@ifbsolutions.org or X5672 to reserve your seat by Friday July 22nd. For those of you who are not at the Winston-Salem facility or cannot attend in person, we will send a link closer to the meeting date for you to attend via zoom.


Programs and Services

See what S.E.E. is Doing!

Image of kiddie pool with soapy water and hands reaching in

S.E.E. Day Camp Winston can really float your boat. They formed boats from aluminum foil to float in a kiddy pool of water. The challenge was to see how many coins it could hold and still stay afloat. The winner held $3.41 of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies before taking on water.


Adult Support Group Meetings:

  • Monday, July 18 AAA Committee meeting from 12:00-1:00 in TADS Room.
  • Tuesday, July 19 VIPS Club meeting from 12:00-1:00 in TADS Room.
  • Wednesday, July 20 Diabetic support group meeting from 12:00-12:45 in TADS Room.
  • Thursday, July 21 Assistive Technology support group meeting from 7:00-8:00 via Zoom (zoom link at end of newsletter)

Community Low Vision Center

CLVC Summer Sale!

During the Month of July, the Community Low Vision Center will be hosting a Discount Sale on various Products. Come by your local Center and check out the discounted items. Discounts are as high as 50% off.

CLVC Item of the Week:

Ambutech No-Jab Graphite Folding Cane – $74.95. Ambutech’s No Jab graphite shock absorbing cane has a patented top section which can compress five inches to absorb an impact when the cane tip jams into an unanticipated object. When the cane hits a large uplift in a sidewalk or a wall and stops moving, the cane will not “jab” the user in the gut. Instead, the no-jab system will compress, and absorb the shock of the sudden stop of movement

The Low Vision center is a one stop shop! While you are purchasing a Ambutech’s No Jab graphite shock absorbing cane check out our Telescopic canes!


CLVC July item of the month:

A hand grips the strap of the Ramble Tag, which is affixed to the upper arm of the leader

Ramble Tag/Metro Cuff – $39.95.

This is a simple yet clever device that allows a sighted individual to more easily guide a visually impaired person who is wanting a guiding arm. The Ramble Tag/Metro cuff wraps around the guide’s upper arm. A drop loops from the cuff gives the guided person a handhold for guiding, without having to physically hold or touch the sighted guide. This allows for close contact guiding, while not having to get too close. The loop affords a little more space and independence between the guide and the guided and may offer a more comfortable way for a stranger to guide a person needing assistance. As a contactless guidance method, Ramble Tag is particularly useful for those who wish to avoid touching their guide and physical boundaries can be easily respected.


Insider Corner

Oryan Battis’ Album: The Process

Everything starts with a process. Oryan Battis started his path with IFB in 2019. Currently working in PTU, he shares his journey in his first album, The Process. In this Afro-beat inspired track “Priorities” Oryan shines loving light on his daughter, expresses natural talent in “Born Fly,” and shows his determination to stand up in, “Bounce Back.” Listen to the entire album The Process and let him know what you think: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-process/1633374543.


Have some interesting information to share or topic you would like to see in the Insider Corner? Whether it is your favorite podcast, website, or article that caught your attention, send to Faith Harding at fharding@ifbsolutions.org and we will post it!

Community Connections

Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act!

This July we celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are several events planned that provide an opportunity for education and enjoyment.

On July 26, a/perture cinema located at, 311 W 4th St, Winston-Salem NC, 27101 will show two films from 7:00pm-8:30pm. One film, Autism in Love, features a local couple; Marlene and R.V. Kuser, followed by the area premier of Straighten Up and Fly Right.

On July 29, SECCA located at, 750 Marguerite Dr, Winston-Salem NC, 27106 will host the screening of Reinventing the Wheel from 4:00pm-8:00pm as part of an ADA Through the Arts celebration.

In addition to the film screening there will be live performances, interactive art exhibits and a panel discussion. Marlene and R.V. Kuser will be on site for a book reading and signing.

Also, COVID vaccines, boosters and resources will be available as well as music and refreshments.

If interested, please register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MvbayWdQFMkrzCz_0bTdeSi_AtE08syO5CGoZbebXvQ/edit


National Suicide Hotline: NC Launch

Congress passed the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020 which created the 9-8-8 hotline. It is supposed to launch nationwide in July, but most states do not have a legislative plan for the rollout of the service. North Carolina, on the other hand, is ready and on track for the July launch date, according to Deepa Avula, director for the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Services.

On Saturday, July 16 will be the rollout of the 9-8-8 universal number for persons to call experiencing a mental health crisis.

NC on track to roll out 988: https://www.northcarolinahealthnews.org/2022/03/03/nc-9-8-8-mental-health-crisis-hotline-rollout/

988 fact sheet: https://www.fcc.gov/sites/default/files/988-fact-sheet.pdf



Job Announcements

BSC Receiving Clerk McGuire AFB

Education and work experience:
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• 1-2 years of experience in warehouse/shipping/receiving department preferred

External candidates may apply at
Internal candidates may apply at


Senior Financial Analyst – Manufacturing and Cost

Education and work experience:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or related degree required
• Cost accounting experience required
• ERP system experience required
• Manufacturing experience preferred
• CPA and / or CMA preferred

External candidates may apply at
Internal candidates may apply at

Accounts Payable Specialist

Education and work experience:
• 4-year Accounting Degree preferred, or equivalent 4-5 years of comparable Accounts Payable experience required

Internal candidates may apply at
External candidates may apply at


Zoom Meeting Links

Adult Support Groups Zoom

Meeting ID: 994 9807 8576
One tap mobile
+13017158592,99498078576# US (Germantown)

13126266799,99498078576# US

Dial by your location.
877 853 5257 US Toll-free
888 475 4499 US Toll-free
Meeting ID: 994 9807 8576