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Your support is making a difference!

On December 16th, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4920, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Contracting Preference Consistency Act, which grandfathers in VA contracts that predate the Veterans Benefits Act (VBA) of 2006 to restore eligibility for nonprofit companies like IFB Solutions. Thank you for writing letters to your representatives! Now, we are asking for you to contact your U.S. Senator and ask that he or she pass the bill so it can move on to the president for his signature.

To view the list of Senators, click here.

Our ask to members of Congress is this:

I’m asking you, as a member of the U.S. Senate, to fully support H.R. 4920. This helps ensure that AbilityOne agencies like IFB Solutions continue to have contracting opportunities with the Department of Veterans Affairs so they can continue to employ people who are blind. Prioritizing veteran-owned small businesses over nonprofits that provide life-changing employment, programs and services for people who are blind is unfair and it’s hurting me/my family/my child/my community.

Here are some thought-provoking questions to get you started in your letter writing:

  • Add a Personal Story. Are you blind or visually impaired? Share your experience. What are the struggles you face when it comes to employment? If your children are blind or visually impaired describe what life is like as a child or parent.
  • How Has IFB Helped You? How has IFB Solutions employment, SEE programs, Community Low Vision Centers helped you with independence or inspiration? If IFB has changed your life, please include that story.
  • Military Pride. Our employees often share their sense of pride knowing they are making quality products for the military. How does it make you feel knowing people who are blind are creating such products and why is it important to you? If you are a veteran, you can include your service story.
  • Independence. If you have ever received adaptive technology from our Community Low Vision Centers, watched your child grow to live life more independently through our SEE programs or secured a job through employment opportunities at IFB, a BSC or other location please share that story. How did IFB provide you with independence?
  • Are You A Donor? If you have ever given a donation in support of IFB or any programs or services you can talk about why you give. What moved you to support IFB?
  • Add a picture. A picture can sometimes tell a story more than words. If you would like to attach a picture to an email or include one in a letter please do. Maybe it’s a picture of your child at a SEE summer camp or a picture taken of you at one of our fundraising events.

IFB Solutions is so grateful for your vital support.



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