Backup Van Driver


Job Description: Drive automobiles and vans to transport passengers.

Reports to: HR Representative
Location: Winston-Salem, NC


  • Test vehicle equipment such as lights, brakes, horns, or windshield wipers, to ensure proper operation.
  • Notify supervisor or company mechanics of vehicle problems.
  • Drive company cars to transport passengers.
  • Follow regulations governing van operation and ensure that passengers follow safety regulations.
  • Pick up passengers at prearranged locations, or by cruising streets in high traffic areas.
  • Perform routine vehicle maintenance such as regulating tire pressure and adding gasoline, oil, and water.
  • Communicate with supervisor telephone, or computer to exchange information and receive requests for passenger service.
  • Complete accident reports when necessary.
  • Provide passengers with assistance entering and exiting vehicles, and help them with any luggage.
  • Listing of all passengers and telephone numbers.
  • Other duties as assigned when not driving vehicle, such as performing cleaning duties in the facility.

Experience/Education: Must have high school diploma or GED. Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

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