Coronavirus: Policies and FAQs

Updates Current as of March 30, 2020 at 1:30pm EST.

**IFB Solutions has been deemed essential by the Department of Defense and will remain open to produce critical products for the military.**

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IFB Solutions Launches People First Fund


Letter from IFB Solutions President and CEO

IFB Solutions Events Updates

Travel Policy Updates

Community Low Vision Center Updates

Twenty2oo Eyewear at Coliseum Drive Updates

Base Supply Center Updates

Other Updates, Policies and FAQs

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A Message from IFB Solutions President and CEO David Horton

I would like to take a moment to address our staff at every IFB Solutions location. These are difficult times for everyone around the country and the world. This coronavirus health crisis is something we have never experienced before and the global impact from this will be felt for a long time to come. The leaders of this organization are working around the clock to keep you safe.

I want you to know about some of the things we are doing to make sure your work environment is as safe as possible:
We’ve added many additional hand sanitizer stations to our facilities and are asking you to refrain from shaking hands. We are sanitizing equipment, buses, vending machines, cafeteria areas, doorknobs and more before, during and after work hours. We are relaxing our paid time off policies so you can stay home and take care of yourself or someone you love in the event of sickness or childcare issues. We aren’t allowing visitors in our manufacturing and distribution facilities to limit exposure, which includes cancelling any tours. We are have telework systems so that we can remove people from IFB locations who don’t need to be onsite to do their jobs, so we can limit exposure those who need to be here to manufacture and distribute the goods and services of our Federal Government and military customers, which is critical to our mission.

We’ve switched to teleconferencing and travel restrictions are in place. Our own Dr. Collins and his staff of nurses in Winston-Salem, Asheville, and Arkansas are engaged with at-risk employees and have told me personally they will hold phone consults with anyone in our IFB family who is exhibiting symptoms and isn’t able to reach their primary care physician. We’re consulting with local, state and federal public health officials along with industry leaders, to make sure we stay ahead of this virus as much as we can.

As we learn new information every hour, we are changing policies and action plans. We must comply with state and federal recommendations and guidelines, which is why things change so often. We’ve developed this website as a central location you can access at any time to find out the latest on company policies. It will be updated daily. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Thank you for your cooperation and patience. I am hoping and praying this virus does not reach any of you or your families. We will all get through this health crisis together.

David Horton Signature




David Horton, President and CEO, IFB Solutions


Other IFB Solutions Updates and Information:


IFB Solution Launches the People First Fund

We are on a mission to support our employees and help them get through this coronavirus crisis together, as a family. Business with a Heart is one of IFB Solutions’ core values. If there was ever a time to showcase that core value, it’s now. Today, March 30th, we are launching the People First Fund. Please watch this message from me that will part of our roll out. By supporting this fund, you are changing lives. IFB is setting aside up to $2 million dollars to cover compensation and related expenses to assist IFB Solutions employees through the coronavirus crisis. View a message from IFB Solutions President and CEO, David Horton below.


ALERT: Coronavirus Scam

Some of our employees are getting text messages that say there is a case of COVID-19 at IFB Solutions in Winston-Salem and our facilities are closed. THIS IS A SCAM.  At this time, there are no coronavirus cases at any IFB Solutions facility. We will never send a text message alert with this type of critical information.  If there is a case of the coronavirus at an IFB facility, you will hear information come to your phone in a voice recorded message or you will hear directly from your supervisor.  We will also send an email from an IFB Solutions email address and post critical information on our website


IFB Solutions Events

  • Dining in the Dark, Little Rock has been POSTPONED
  • Help Kids SEE, Winston-Salem has been POSTPONED
  • All IFB Solutions Employee Banquets have been POSTPONED
  • IFB Solutions Adult Support Group: group gatherings are cancelled, however you can set up Zoom conferencing. Please contact Anastasia Powell for information at
  • Community Low Vision Center April 3rd Clinic has been CANCELLED
  • Tours in Winston-Salem, Little Rock and Asheville are POSTPONED
  • Business Essentials graduation has been POSTPONED


IFB Solutions Travel Policy

  • International Travel: If you, someone you live with, or a house guest are coming from any destination outside of the US, we require that you stay home from work for 14 calendar days. After that time period, you must be symptom free to return to work.*
  • Domestic Travel: If you, someone you live with, or a house guest are coming from any state outside of where you currently work/live we require that you stay home for 14 calendar days. You must be symptom free after that time period in order to return to work.*
    *In both cases, your supervisor will work with the Executive team to determine a return-to-work date.
  • Non-essential business travel is suspended until further notice. The Executive team will approve any essential travel.
  • All meetings held between locations with co-workers need to be conducted through software such as Zoom. It is also recommended to use this software even if you are at the same location.
  • Meetings with vendors should be conducted virtually. On-site visits require Executive team approval.


Community Low Vision Center

  • CLVC will offer teleservices only. Please call your local CLVC for information.
  • In Winston-Salem, the April 3rd clinic has been cancelled.
  • Please call your local center for information, contact information here.


Twenty200 Eyewear at Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem, NC

  • Twenty200 Eyewear is temporarily closed.


Base Supply Centers

Several BSCs in Washington DC are closed due to low demand. Some buildings themselves are closed and most people are teleworking, so we have very few shoppers. The website remains operational for supplies.


Other Updates, Policies and FAQs

IFB Solutions Medical Services
In the event your primary care physician can’t be reached, Dr. Collins is available to any IFB Solutions employee whether full time, part time or temporary to evaluate your health or get your questions answered. (8:00-4:00 eastern time). Please reach out to your supervisor for the appropriate phone number to call. We have nurses on staff at our Little Rock and Asheville facilities. Also, Dr. Collins will work with any employee who has an immune deficiency to evaluate his or her situation.

Visitor Policy
Health Alert Notice signs are posted at all entrances to IFB Solutions buildings and business locations asking those who are sick to stay outside of the building. Tours are being postponed. Anyone who is not an IFB employee is not allowed in the building including family and friends. Employees may be dropped off at the employee entrances. Packages are still being delivered.

Cleaning Protocols
This list grows by the hour. IFB buses are being cleaned and public transportation companies are keeping us up to date on their cleaning procedures. Other things being cleaned: vending machines, cafeteria areas and equipment, before, during and after hours. All locations are stocked with cleaning supplies but if you are running low, tell your supervisor. Our cleaning crews are ramping up their efforts. We ask that you NOT shake hands. We’ve provided extra hand sanitizer stations and ask that you wash your hands frequently.

Cyber Security
As hackers are taking advantage of coronavirus fear, we ask that employees refrain from clicking on any suspicious emails and report anything that looks suspicious to IT. We’ve also implemented 2-factor authentication to protect our teleworking staff.

PTO and Time Off

Click here to learn about the People First Fund.

If you need to take time off, and you don’t qualify for People First Fund assistance: hourly employees will be able to use sick and personal time first, then use vacation time. You do have the option to take unpaid time off. Salaried employees will be required to use PTO (sick/vacation/personal) and in the event that time runs out, you will need to see your supervisor for next steps. For all employees, if your PTO time has been used up but you still have a vacation scheduled in the future, we will honor it. This means we will excuse the absence for your vacation, but it will not be paid time off.

What if I feel sick?

  • Please stay home and seek medical attention if you feel sick. If you can’t reach your primary care doctor, please ask your supervisor how to reach out to Dr. Collins, IFB’s on-site physician.

What if I, or a family member, contract the coronavirus?

  • While we hope this will never happen, it is a possibility that we need to address. Please stay home and notify your supervisor. You will be asked to stay home for 14 days. After that you must be symptom free to return to work, which is a date Executives will need to approve. We will work closely with the health department on next steps. You will receive 4 weeks pay and be able to use PTO/vacation time. Please see the People First Fund video for details.

What if I am asked questions from someone who doesn’t work at IFB Solutions?

  • Please assure them that we are doing everything we can to provide great service, quality products and a healthy work environment. Any media inquiries, please send to Nicole Ducouer, director of corporate communications, 304-685-2393,

What if I have been diagnosed with the flu?

  • If you have been diagnosed with anything other than the coronavirus by a medical professional, we ask you to stay home until you are symptom free. You will not have to self-quarantine for 14 days.

What if I have guests in from other states staying in my house?

  • In accordance with our travel policy, you will need to stay home for 14 days. Please see travel policies.

What if I have high risk health issues?

What if there is a case of Coronavirus at an IFB location?

  • A communication would go out via phone recording and email letting staff know there has been a confirmed case. The Health Department would step in to assess the patient and all who have come in contact with him or her to identify who would need quarantine. The facility would close for 72 hours, as recommended by the CDC, so that the virus has time to essentially die on surfaces. Then a crew will come in to deep clean. While the facility is closed for 72 hours or more, everyone who has to go home will get paid for normally scheduled hours and won’t have to use PTO. Anyone who gets coronavirus, or has to be quarantined by the Health Department or IFB, will receive 4 weeks of full pay. Please see the People First Fund video for details.

Would IFB shut down if our state issued a temporary closure of non-essential business?

  • The answer is no. The Department of Defense has deemed IFB essential and critical to the security of our nation because we provide important products for our Armed Forces. North Carolina has issued a “Stay at Home” order. IFB will remain open and operating, but NOT all lines of business are up and running. We may be moving some employees to other areas. Transportation is classified as essential, these services will continue to run. Medical staff will remain onsite and cafeteria services will remain open. If you are given an option to move to another position and don’t take it, you can use PTO and HR will assist you in filing for unemployment when your PTO is used up. The state has waived the wait time for unemployment to get checks moving faster.

For all other questions, please email


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