Coronavirus: IFB 3-Phase Back to Work Plan

Last Updated: 7/13/20


To find a testing site in North Carolina, click here:

To find a testing site in Arkansas, click here:

NOTE: Each testing site has different procedures and policies. Please contact your primary care doctor or the testing site directly for instructions and next steps.

IFB Solutions employees can email any questions regarding the coronavirus to

*IFB Solutions has remained open during the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. Department of Defense deemed IFB Solutions essential to the security of our nation and a critical manufacturer for our Armed Forces. As the country reopens, we will follow a 3-Phase Back to Work Plan developed by IFB’s Coronavirus Response Team, which is in accordance with North Carolina’s 3-phase plan. This plan will change as our nation’s health experts monitor the coronavirus pandemic. Any updates will be posted below.


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3-Phase Back to Work Plan

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Base Supply Center Updates

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Updates, Policies and FAQs for Employees

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IFB Solutions Mask Policy

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has announced a mandatory mask order that is now in effect across the North Carolina. As IFB Solutions’ corporate headquarters is in North Carolina, compliance is applicable to all IFB Solutions operations, even those in other states.

As part of the mandate, masks must be worn in retail stores, supermarkets, construction sites, manufacturing plants, meat processing facilities, personal care businesses and restaurants. These businesses will be susceptible to citations and other penalties if all employees–and their customers–are not wearing a face covering. IFB has provided all employees with a mask or plastic shield. We’ve developed a new mask policy to support the state’s mandate.

Employees can find the full policy under their employee Paycom account and via downloadable PDF here.

Here are the highlights:

  • For your safety, IFB is operating all locations under a mandatory face covering policy until further notice
  • Generally, face coverings in the workplace are required by all employees, contractors, visitors, etc. with very limited exceptions including:
    • When you are in an enclosed office with no one else present
    • When you are outside and able to maintain a consistent minimum of six-foot social distance
    • When you are eating in the cafeteria
  • You should bring your own face covering, but should one not be available, IFB will provide a face covering for use.
  • Any exception requests will be evaluated for accommodation, which would only be made where justified and possible in the Company’s sole discretion without endangering the safety of others.
  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


IFB Solutions People First Fund

In March, with swift approval from our Board of Directors, the People First Fund (PFF) was created to help you, our employees, during the coronavirus pandemic. Since its launch, hundreds of IFB employees, many of whom are blind or visually impaired, have received assistance. We know that recovering from COVID-19 can be stressful. The IFB Solutions executive team is committed to easing any stress they can with this Fund. To better assist those who are directly affected by the virus, we are refining the qualifications for PFF. NOTE: employees will still need to apply for PFF assistance. See your supervisor for information.

Beginning Monday, July 20th, all employees directly affected by COVID-19 would qualify for compensation or benefits including, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Employees who are furloughed or temporarily laid off due to a work shortage that is expected to resolve reasonably soon enabling the employee to return to work.
  • Employees who contract COVID-19.
  • Employees who have a member of their immediate household contract COVID-19 and are therefore subject to a quarantine.
  • Employees who are otherwise required by IFB Solutions to temporarily stay out of the facility due to a COVID-19 related reason.

Human Resources, Coronavirus Response Team members and/or the executive team will review any unique circumstances.


3-Phase Return to Work Plan

IFB Solutions will return to work under normal operations in three phases. IFB’s Coronavirus Response Team has carefully laid out plans in accordance with North Carolina’s guidance. The plan will most likely change over time as we pay close attention to the spread of the coronavirus. Information will be sent to employees as changes occur. Management will work with IFB locations outside of N.C. to ensure a smooth transition.


Friday, May 8th — Phase 1 Begins

Friday, May 22nd — Phase 2 Begins

Friday, August 7th — Phase 3 Begins


IFB Solutions Events

Our fundraising events will look much different this year. As we explore virtual opportunities, reschedule some events and make other adjustments, we encourage you to visit to stay up to date. We’ll also post announcements and changes on social media. During our events, social distancing, group gathering, and other coronavirus prevention requirements will be enforced as necessary.


Community Low Vision Centers

Phase 1: Remains the same.

Phase 2: Customers are seen by appointment only. Mask usage by patients and staff is required. Wellness checks are required prior to appointment. Eye exams are conducted at doctor’s discretion. *Winston-Salem CLVC is undergoing remodeling; expected open date for retail space is mid-June.

Phase 3: Same as phase 2. Mobile Vision clinics begin to operate again, however wellness checks must be conducted prior to appointment. Please limit the number of people in the Mobile Vision Unit as required by North Carolina group gathering requirements.


Twenty200 Eyewear Optical Shop at Coliseum Dr. in Winston-Salem

Phase 1: The store will open at limited capacity. Curbside assistance will be offered. Wellness procedures and protocols will be in place. Staff will be trained accordingly. Signage will be posted with new COVID-19 prevention procedures. Eyewear and surfaces will be sanitized frequently.

Phase 2: Same at phase 1. Capacity in the store expands.

Phase 3: Same as phase 1. Capacity in the store expands.


Base Supply Centers

As of right now, most of our BSCs in Washington D.C. are closed. The estimated reopen date varies based on building protocol. Each store will follow the schedule of their respective federal building location as we open our doors. Most stores on military bases are open, but at limited capacity, meaning only a few people are allowed in a store at a time. Curbside pick-up is being offered all free-standing BSC locations. Coronavirus prevention cleaning protocols are in place. Products can be purchased at


S.E.E. Programs (After School, Camps and Activities)

Phase 1: Remains the same.

Phase 2: Some summer camps will move to a virtual format, while others will be cancelled. Our Charlotte SEE kids will attend camp at the Lake Norman YMCA. For all other camp updates, click here.

Phase 3: After School activities are set to start September 9th. SEE staff is waiting on direction from the N.C. Department of Education as we map our virtual options. Thank you for your patience.


Other Updates, Policies and FAQs

IFB Solutions Travel Policy

Phase 1: Any air travel, international or domestic, requires a 14-day quarantine. The executive team and IFB medical staff will determine a return-to-work date and quarantine period based on CDC guidelines and other factors such as COVID-19 test results. You will not be eligible for PFF assistance for the 14 days of missed work due to quarantine should you choose to not follow this travel policy and you will have to use your PTO. Any domestic travel (excluding air travel) is permitted without a quarantine requirement, but please avoid COVID-19 “hot spots” as outlined by the CDC.

The executive team will approve business travel. The executive team and medical team will determine a return-to-work date upon return from business travel.  

Phase 2: Same as phase 1.  

Phase 3: Same as phase 2. Managers can approve any business travel and executive approval isn’t necessary.  


Meetings, Tours and Visitors

Phase 1: Policies remain the same. Mask usage is required and Zoom meetings are encouraged. Health Alert Notice signs are posted at all entrances to IFB Solutions buildings and business locations asking those who are sick to stay outside of the building. Tours are being postponed. Anyone who is not an IFB employee is not allowed in the building including family and friends. You can be dropped off at the employee entrances. Packages are still being delivered.

Phase 2: Policies remain the same as phase one.

Phase 3: Meeting policies with employees, customers, donors and other external groups are relaxed. Please note what your state recognizes as an appropriate group gathering number. Mask usage is required and Zoom meetings are still encouraged. Wellness checks are required before any guests enter the building; Please ask your guest if he or she is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. IFB Adult Support Groups can meet in-person, however the number of people in a gathering will need to be monitored to meet North Carolina’s group gathering requirements. Continue to use Zoom if needed. Masks and social distancing are required.

*We will review the status of general assemblies as we confirm what constitutes an appropriate group gathering in accordance with Governor Cooper’s plan.



Phase 1: Teleworking continues.

Phase 2: The executive team works with managers to determine a rotating telework schedule within each department. Please practice social distancing and use Zoom frequently.

Phase 3: Same as phase 2.


IFB Solutions Medical Services and Wellness

All phases: In the event your primary care physician can’t be reached, Dr. Collins is available free of charge to any IFB Solutions employee whether full time, part time or temporary to evaluate your health or get your questions answered. We have nurses on staff at our Little Rock and Asheville facilities. Dr. Collins will work with any employee who has an immune deficiency to evaluate his or her situation. Stay home if you are sick for at least 72 hours and return to work when symptom free. Employee temperature checks continue. Mask usage is required. Continue to wash your hands, social distance as necessary and follow CDC coronavirus prevention guidelines.

Cleaning Protocols

All phases: Coronavirus prevention protocols will remain in place. Our staff will continue to clean and disinfect our buildings thoroughly. We’ll keep in contact with our transportation services to make sure they are doing the same. Hand sanitizer, Lysol and other supplies will be distributed to staff as it is available.

Cyber Security

As hackers are taking advantage of coronavirus fear, we ask that employees refrain from clicking on any suspicious emails and report anything that looks suspicious to IT. We’ve also implemented 2-factor authentication to protect our teleworking staff. Several employees have received text messages saying there is a case of COVID-19 at IFB Solutions. This is a scam. We will not communicate a COVID-19 case via text.


What if I feel sick?

  • Please stay home and seek medical attention if you feel sick. If you can’t reach your primary care doctor, please ask your supervisor how to reach out to Dr. Collins, IFB’s on-site physician.

What if I, or a family member, contract COVID-19?

  • While we hope this will never happen, it is a possibility that we are prepared to handle according to the advice of our medical team and CDC. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home and call your doctor. If you test positive for COVID-19, please stay home and immediately notify your supervisor. A member of IFB’s medical staff will reach out to conduct contact-tracing and talk through an isolation timeline. You will not be able to return to work until you are symptom free and approved by the executive and medical team. You will be paid under the People First Fund during this time.

What if there is a case of COVID-19 at an IFB Solutions location?

  • Our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees. In the event an IFB Solutions employee tests positive for COVID-19, the Coronavirus Response team will meet immediately to review the situation and execute an action plan. Any critical information will be communicated in a timely manner through phone messaging, emails and/or directly from supervisors. All CDC guidelines will be followed as they pertain to essential manufacturing businesses.

What if I am asked questions from someone who doesn’t work at IFB Solutions?

  • Please assure them that we are doing everything we can to provide great service, quality products and a healthy work environment. Any media inquiries, please send to Nicole Ducouer, director of corporate communications, 304-685-2393,

What if I have been diagnosed with the flu?

  • If you have been diagnosed with anything other than the coronavirus by a medical professional, we ask you to stay home until you are symptom free.

What if I have high risk health issues?

Would IFB shut down if our state issued a temporary closure of non-essential business?

  • The U.S. Department of Defense has deemed IFB Solutions essential and critical to the security of our nation, because we manufacture products for our Armed Forces. While some of our product lines temporarily stopped running, operations critical to our federal government continue.

For all other questions, please email


The coronavirus health crisis can take a toll on your emotional well-being. IFB Solutions has an Employee Assistance Program, which includes a phone number to call for counseling that operates 24 hours a day. These counselors can help you with personal or work-related issues and all calls are confidential. This line is available to all IFB employees. Please contact your local Human Resources department for the phone number and password.

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