Our People

Board of Directors

Karen Carey — Director
Pat Carver — Director
Erik Cobham — Director
Bob Colucci — Director
Brenda Diggs — Director
Mark Doughton — Director
Mike Faircloth — Director
Dr. Jane Fernandes — Director
Kathryn Garner — Director
John Googe — Director
Dr. Louis Gottlieb — Director
Tim Nerhood — Director
Bob Newell — Director
Andrew Pruette — Director
John Rowland — Director
Tom Serrin — Director
Shirley Shouse — Director
Pat Smith — Director
James Taylor, Jr. — Director
Dean Vavra — Director
Ann Johnston — Ex-officio, Past Board Chair


Rob Burgess — Chief Financial Officer
Karen Carey — Assistant Secretary
Mark Doughton — Vice Chairman
Kathryn Garner — Secretary
John Googe — Treasurer
David Horton — President and CEO
Dan Kelly — Chief Operating Officer
Tim Nerhood — Chairman
Shirley Shouse — Assistant Treasurer


Seth Anderson — Director of Marketing
Randy Buckner — Director of Asheville Operations
Rob Burgess — Chief Financial Officer
Nicole Ducouer — Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Programs
Ken Edwards — Vice President of Integrated Supply & Logistics
David Hampton — Vice President of Human Resources
David Horton — President and CEO
Dan Kelly — Chief Operating Officer
Silas Martin — Vice President of Base Supply Centers & IT
Vasudha Rangapathy — Director of IT and E-Commerce
Pedro Rojas — Director of Technical Services and Process Engineering
Laura True — Director of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Development